melk&heuning story


Our story started with a struggle with sick kids…all our kids had lots of allergies and were sick most of time.  We had more trips to the hospital than anything else!  That is where our journey started with health products.

We always have been living in a small town (before covid, without couriers!), so it was a mission getting all the healthy stuff!! We also started living the lowcarb lifestyle and had problems finding nut flours, sugar free chocolate etc. So, one day we were in a health shop and wanted to buy our stash of cashew nuts (because we live in a remote area, we had to buy in large quantities when we were in the city!) and the prices were very high. So, we decided to call our agent who buys our pecan nuts that we produce on our smallholding to see if we can’t buy nuts directly from them. The agent asked us why don’t we consider buying nuts, seeds and dried fruit from them wholesale and then sell it to our community for a good price.

That is where Melk&Heuning started…it’s a family business born from our passion for entrepreneurship, clean eating, good food and health. We also started stocking other clean and healthy products that we discovered over the years and had trouble to find near us.

We love people and love giving great service and great products to them. It is an exciting feeling to see people coming into our shop, looking for a certain product they can’t find elsewhere and then their delight in finding it!

Later on we started having tourists coming to our local shop and asking us if they can buy our products online. That is when we realized that an online shop is a feasible idea.

Now all the good stuff is available in one place!

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