Pure Primal Collagen


Pure Primal Collagen

This Collagen is 100% natural, zero carb hydrolysed collagen peptides. Superior, pure and agglomerated. Made from grass-fed beef.

We are all Collagen Deficient:
Aesthetically we age from the age of 25 due to loss of Collagen as well as the body’s diminishing ability to make collagen.
Our rushed lifestyle, exercise and dieting, breaks down collagen at an even faster pace and we become “collagen deficient.” So we kick start the ageing process at a faster pace & at much younger age ..and it SHOWS! Crows feet, saggy skin, sore joints…mmm what to do about this!?

Who will benefit?
ZERO CARB Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides ideal for:
Banting/LCHF, Paleo/Primal lifestyle, Autoimmune individuals, Individuals with allergies and/or sensitivities, Everyday people in all walks of life, Elderly and/or immune compromised individuals, Fitness fanatics – Cross fitters, weight trainers, professional athletes, endurance athletes etc..
Fibromyalgia & Arthritis sufferers and many more…

Primal Protein provides Bioavailable Protein without the Carb count to:
Skin, hair and nail growth, Joint health and recovery, tighten loose skin, help improve tone/cellulite, High bioavailability, Stable under acidic conditions
May improve digestion by binding to water and help food move more easily though the digestive tract.

The hydrolyzed collagen protein has specific amino acids to build muscle and enhance body toning.
It is the best choice for:

  • Premature aging prevention and youthful vitality
  • Weight loss.
  • Fight aging, minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improve elasticity, skin firmness and hydration.
  • Thicken fine hair, strengthen nails.
  • Protect joints and cartilage, and regenerate ligaments and tendons.
  • Facilitate tissue regeneration, and repair connective tissues.
  • Reduce inflammation and joint pain, repair ligaments and tendons, and alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Strengthen and repair blood vessels to help improve circulation.
  • Stimulate the immune system, and fight free radicals and bacteria.

Lastly – herewith a brief explanation on the difference between Agglomerated and Non Agglomerated:
Agglomerated vs Non-Agglomerated Collagen
The ‘Hydrolyzed’ in Hydrolyzed Collagen hints at the production process used to optimize the body’s ability to absorb the amino acids in the collagen. The process involves the breaking up of the long protein chains to form shorter protein particles or amino acids. This process of hydrolysis leads to short peptides, some of which are bioactive or stimulating of bodily functions. Without this process, the body would not be able to absorb the collagen as the molecules would be too large for the body to accept and fully utilize. The “Agglomerated” in Agglomerated Collagen takes things one step further, after the collagen has been hydrolyzed the product is put through a process that causes the natural re-building of the amino acids, through the addition of water. This promotes the clustering of the amino acids. Which naturally arranges the collagen into highly bio-available micro-cluster of collagen.

The Hydrolyzed collagen is advisable to those who:

  • Don’t mind a slight beefy/gelatin taste. (this is not common, but if you are known to have sensitive taste/smell, then Agglomerated would be a better option)
  • Have a tighter budget.
  • Do not have any digestion issues.
  • Do not mind a few lumps and clumps forming in their hot/cold beverages. (solubility not as great as the Agglomerated)

The Agglomerated collagen is advisable to those who:

  • Don’t mind spending a bit extra.
  • Prefer their collagen as tasteless as possible.
  • Struggle with digestive issues.
  • Prefer the luxury of having a 100% soluble product in hot/cold beverages, without any effort.


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